Hot Actress #357- Cali T. Rossen:Sexy Siren

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CALI T. ROSSEN is an indie actress, film maker and artist that will make you feel warm inside. Needless to say, she’s also amiably pleasant as i have come to know through my FACEBOOK chats with her….:) She’s petite, charming and can turn on the foxiness if need be judging from her photo (above). There’s a certain tranquility about her that filters down to us viewers; an appealing trait which i adore. Make sure to drop by the comprehensive CALI T. ROSSEN OFFICIAL WEBSITE to see her awesome reels and compelling artwork.

As dainty as CALI is, it’s easy to be passionate about her as she’s a natural beauty. I’ve always equate cuteness as being the NEW SEXY and CALI is the perfect depiction of that…:) When i see her perform, she seems to able to bring me to a safe place and i feel a sense of serenity. Give her a canvas and she creates works of art, give her a role and she excels. She is a creative force of nature having acted in more than 20 films, many television shows, and stage productions. Cali was even cast in an Italian movie called ‘DOORS OF THE UNKNOWN’….i think i need to find that one pronto and start watching! A gorgeous sweetheart, CALI belongs to the category of endearing actresses which I’m acknowledging as of today.

Find out more about this cutie at IMDB: More Info on CALI T. ROSSEN.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #357- Cali T. Rossen:Sexy Siren

  1. Dear Haren*
    Thank YOU verrrrry much for your kindness & the wonderful post you wrote about me. You are such a delight & it’s been a pleasure getting to know you through our fb chats. Looking forward to meeting you in person in LA next year.
    Happy thoughts,
    Cali Rossen

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