Hot Actress #361 – Shannon Lark:Scream Queen

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The way indie horror darling SHANNON LARK caresses the chainsaw is both racy and provocative. Known as an all-round performer, SHANNON directs,writes and produces original tales of terror! She has been quoted as saying that her love for exploiting the terrible things in life makes her excited to get up in the morning is indicative of her appetite for the dark side. Halloween is truly in full swing and SHANNON LARK would feel right at home, this buxom brunette being a complete visual treat! She’s been a FANGORIA spokesmodel and competed in MISS HORRORFEST but I’m taken in by how gorgeous she looks in those blood-soaked photos. Start your own fascination with this exquisitely voluptuous siren at the SHANNON LARK OFFICIAL SITE

An avid advocate of women in horror, SHANNON is the creator of the VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL honoring the best female-fronted, female driven short films of the horror persuasion. For her to create so much beauty and fight for a bigger female presence in a genre that’s been known for exploitation and gore should be hugely commended. The color bloody red suits SHANNON to a tee…..and she transmits her mind-blowing sexuality without the requisite nude scenes that are expected of a scream queen. A mover and a shaker of the horror movement, get ready for the remarkable blood bath from the gorgeous SHANNON LARK!

This terror temptress can be found at IMDB: More Info on SHANNON LARK.

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