Hot Actress #368 – Amanda Wyss:Scream Queen Legend

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I have to say connecting with AMANDA WYSS, starlet of the original ‘A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’ was a dream come true! I believe i was 12 when i first caught a glimpse of this eye-catching blonde and AMANDA was a stunner…:) Let me confirm that’s she’s still a honey and has the oh so sweet voice that till today keeps me infatuated. Together with HEATHER LAGENKAMP, they were the women who were the heart of “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET’ and propelled the film to such a phenomenal status. The memorable “centipede + all manner of gross stuff” spewing scene (as TINA in a dream sequence) was bizarre and scared the hell out of me! I also thoroughly enjoyed watching her in the indie horror flick ‘THE GRAVES’ and she still remains one of my crushes for which i endearingly remember. I probably would attribute my fondness for blondes to the always delectable AMANDA WYSS….hehe.

Don’t forget AMANDA was in classics such as ‘BETTER OFF DEAD’ and ‘FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH’…..what a talent she was way back then and still is to this day. You have to watch the interview she gave at CRYPTICON 2010 where she reminisced about her on set experiences being chased by a killer baboon in ‘SHAKMA’. Haven’t had the pleasure of watching that campy-sounding nature gone wild flick but for a chance to see AMANDA fending off psychotic apes, i seriously would! AMANDA WYSS has been captivating audiences from the first day and she continues to radiate her warmth, captivating effervescence with an incredible glow.

This much-adored actress can be found at IMDB: More Info on AMANDA WYSS.

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