Hot Actress #370 – Alexis Zibolis:Blonde Bombshell

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When gorgeous actress ALEXIS ZIBOLIS attained Honorable Mention as Best Actress (Alexis Zibolis) for her sci-fi flick ‘PLAGUERS’, it would make many people sit up and take notice. It was a spectacle to watch ALEXIS kick some serious ALIEN ass who take the form of alluring NURSES! Appearing soon in the exceptional thriller ‘BREATH OF HATE’ alongside some of the hottest female leading ladies, her role as a social escort is no ordinary one. Showcasing her skills as a multi-dimensional actress, i can’t wait to see the depth she infuses into this hardened working girl character. Away from film, she’s as sunny as can be so check out this perky blonde at the wonderful ALEXIS ZIBOLIS OFFICIAL SITE. I love that she has that big smile throughout the pages of her website…..ALEXIS makes life so rosy with her upbeat, lively individuality.

Obviously you already know Alexis is a sizzler in a swimsuit (courtesy of the hot pic above) and in the upcoming ‘BREATH OF HATE’ I have a feeling we’ll get to see more of her luscious self. Alexis Zibolis has overcome adversity in life and her unquenchable thirst to entertain has been key to gaining success in the indie film scene. What a great way to start the week by featuring this cutie who maintains just enough of an air of mystery so that we can unravel her many charms bit by bit.

Read more about her at IMDB: More Info on ALEXIS ZIBOLIS.

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