Hot Actress #372 – Betsy Russell:Sex Bomb

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With her come hither eyes and naughty smile, BETSY RUSSELL has fans fantasizing about her in a big way and the biggest single reason why we keep coming back for more hellish trips of the ‘SAW’ franchise. Whether she realizes it or not, BETSY flirts with those temptingly gorgeous eyes making many an interviewer happy easily justifying her status as a perennial SEX SYMBOL! We have been infatuated with her ever since she appeared topless on a horse in ‘PRIVATE SCHOOL’ and her sensuality has skyrocketed ever since. The latest instalment ‘SAW 3D’ currently occupies top spot at the box office and I won’t be surprised a large portion of moviegoers are BETSY RUSSELL worshipers…:)

Well known for playing sexy bitches with a soft innocence, she will sizzle once more in ‘CHAIN LETTER’ alongside ‘TWILIGHT’ sweetheart NIKKI REED. Owner of one of the most flawlessly immaculate body on-screen and off it, it’s easy to see why JIGSAW has the hots for bosomy BETSY (as JILL TUCK) and made her his bride. I saw somewhere on-line that she’s being labeled as the “MEGAN FOX of the 80s” but i think BETSY can seriously out fox MEGAN….sounds like they should both collaborate on a steamy girl-on-girl scene….hehe. She has a striking intelligence and does not beat about the bush as she readily admits actresses in her age range do find it tough to get work yet she constantly responds with a hearty positivity. Her perseverance has indeed paid off and her timely return to films shows how much of a big draw BETSY RUSSELL is!

Check out this most sexy siren at IMDB: More Info on BETSY RUSSELL.

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