Hot Actress #373 – Katherine Pawlak:Sizzling Cutie

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I’ve been waiting for this moment to feature KATHERINE PAWLAK who literally stole the show in ‘PERKINS 14’, the brilliant indie that infuses the zombie element that has taken the world by storm. Cast as the rebel who’s in the can for a misdemeanor, she has to fend off zombie-like serial killers with a taste for flesh. Although i didn’t fancy her being brutally slaughtered (catch the behind the scenes of her demise above), she played the nonchalant voice of dissent all grungy and nose rings to perfection! Katherine was also in the hit web series lonelygrl15 and has amazing pipes as a singer/songwriter evidenced by her intimate version of Radiohead’s ‘CREEP’. Of course, KATHERINE has a scorching well-endowed figure to make your eyes pop out….hehe. There’s even one dude on YOUTUBE who confessed that he could watch KATHERINE all day long!

Take a listen to this amazing songbird who is drawing comparisons to FIONA APPLE with her powerful vocals and TORI AMOS for her straight from the heart melancholy lyrics at the KATHERINE PAWLAK MYSPACE SITE and also her band’s SAD ROBOT MYSPACE SITE. You sense a dichotomy of emotions about her; on one hand she lives her bitterness through her acting and especially her music and on the other, there’s this sweet, insanely gorgeous young woman. Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that the mesmerizing KATHERINE PAWLAK is a aural and visual pleasure….:)

Check out this most sexy siren at IMDB: More Info KATHERINE PAWLAK.

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