Hot Actress #374 – Jessy Schram:Blonde Bombshell

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JESSY SCHRAM is as tenacious as the runaway train in ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ where she plays the estranged wife of a train engineer played by CHRIS PINE. Alongside Hollywood heavyweights DENZEL WASHINGTON and ROSARIO DAWSON, all four form the heart and soul of this film based on the harrowing true story of a toxic laden train that needs to be reined in. JESSY is also slated to headline two new television series; BETWIXT, a tale of changelings saving humans from evil and FALLING SKIES, something like THE WALKING DEAD only focusing on the aftermath of an alien invasion. These two plots are immediately compelling for me and it’s highly apparent she’s set to generate a lot of buzz in 2010 and beyond! JESSY is a talent with endearing qualities be it sexing it up as a MAXIM model, sharing with us her luscious voice (she’s a solo artist) or showing her dedication to her work which has translated so beautifully in the movies she’s done.

Check out her interview (above) whereby renowned actress LEA THOMPSON refers to JESSY as an angel and a goddess at the same time. She really has a genuinely feel good presence that tugs at your heartstrings. If you’ve seen her on the red carpet recently, she’s both beautiful and delightfully cordial making the JESSY SCHRAM fans very lucky people. The JESSY SCHRAM OFFICAL SITE has a deluge of stuff about this lovely young entertainer. Her fantastic contributions to charities which has taken her to impoverished conditions in Baja, Mexico is to be lauded as she spreads her sweetness around the world…:) JESSY stole my heart when she appeared in “AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS THE NAKED MILE” and she’s proven that she has a long-lasting ambrosial effect on many people.

You wanna fall in love with this cutie so check her out at IMDB: More Info JESSY SCHRAM.

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