Hot Actress #375 – Corri English:Sizzling Cutie

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It’s possibly because her character loves to take off her shirt numerous times in the horror movie ‘UNREST that got CORRI ENGLISH so much attention but she’s really a fine young performer. Before you get any wild ideas, she was in a nice pink bra…hehe. As an actress, she recently worked alongside CYBIL SHEPHERD in a TV movie after taking the horror leading lady route in thrillers such as ‘HOUSE OF FEARS’ and her notable role in ‘UNREST’. As a singer, she’s the lead in the country rock band BROKEDOWN CADILLAC which has seen their tracks appear in the Dwayne Johnson (THE ROCK) actioner ‘RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN’ and the cheerleaders-driven series ‘HELLCATS’. This cherubic cutie is well at home with the more dramatic roles as she so wonderfully impressed upon in ‘Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith’ (trailer above)…she makes you want to be on her side..:)

With country music gaining a huge foothold across the world, why not take a listen to her upbeat tunes at the BROKEDOWN CADILLAC MYSPACE SITE. Make sure you also don’t miss watching ‘THE TIFFANY PROBLEM’ short (above) where she shows her full repertoire of emotional acting as the plot deviates from funny to terrifying. Ahh….you can never completely take away the Scream Queen from this girl! I would like to give credit to those AFTERDARK HORROR FEST movies for introducing me to some of the best upcoming starlets like CORRI but i have a feeling even without those films, her glowing beauty and talents would have entered my viewfinders anyway…:) Attractive, intelligent and outspoken, the spunky CORRI ENGLISH wants to get you excited in a big way be it through her films and her music!

Find her at IMDB: More Info CORRI ENGLISH.

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