Hot Actress #377 – Lucie Laurier:Canadian Vixen

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The very voluptuous LUCIE LAURIER is well known in both Canada and the US for her work on television and film. I first saw this SEX SYMBOL in the Masters of Horror Anthology in which she plays a Canadian whose actions and feelings are tied to a man unbeknown to her. And just like what the protagonist (the man) said whereby he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, i can concur that she is indeed invitingly attractive with a smokin’ sex appeal. This is as clear as day when she briefly appeared topless in the episode called ‘CHOCOLATE’…..what a flawlessly well-endowed woman LUCIE is and with the sizzle factor on par with curvaceous actresses such as MONICA BELLUCCI and EVA GREEN!

I first came into contact with her via FACEBOOK about a year ago but having been unceremoniously deleted, I tried hard to find again. I still remember how nice she was to me and I’m stoked to be make her acquaintance once more….:) As you can see from her television and film appearances as well as on print media, LUCIE LAURIER can project a variety of guises extending even further her mesmeric foxiness. She hardly puts a foot wrong in the beauty stakes and in spite of her elegant visage, it’s awesome to hear that she’s a horror fan….my kind of gal…hehe. One of the most enticing French-Canadian actresses ever, LUCIE LAURIER continues to be a compelling enigma. Don’t you just get the hots for her when you see her pursing those luscious lips and start speaking in sexy French….;)

Her filmography can be found at IMDB: More Info LUCIE LAURIER.