Hot Actress #379 – Iris Bahr:Sexy Siren

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IRIS BAHR is a 360 degrees performer with her talents on show in film,television,stand-up and writing fields. Recently seen as the intrepid journalist chronicling a suspected case of possession in the horror hit ‘THE LAST EXORCISM’, IRIS is an amalgamation of emotions raging from bold, panicky and terrified in a very convincing performance. Together with Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell, the threesome made ‘THE LAST EXORCISM’ such an absorbing spine-chilling tale and one of the best indie horror movies ever concocted. She made me genuinely terrified for her character’s fate! Enthused as a digital vixen, her Russian persona Svetlana on YOUTUBE is gaining huge props with its no holds barred riotously amusing look at the raunchy lives of a Russian madam and her daughters (hookers all). These ladies are sure to turn you on as they provide a variety of services of the satisfying kind at the ST. PETERSBURG HOUSE OF DISCREET PLEASURE.

LISA is also famed for being the author of the wittily entertaining ‘DORK WHORE’, the intimate memoirs of her frolicking in ASIA for sex after leaving the military service. Can she be more seductive…..where was I when all this wanton prowling around was happening…hehe. Now I’m crossing my fingers she makes another trip back to ASIAN shores! So we better start visiting the IRIS BAHR OFFICIAL SITE. A wonderfully creative doyenne, IRIS has gained critical acclaim for many of her accomplishments and blessed with such charismatic attractiveness, her one-woman spectacle has certainly got viewers raving about endlessly!

Follow this talented lady’s career at IMDB: More Info IRIS BAHR.

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