Hot Actress #380 – Tammie Baird:Sexy Siren

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Seeing stunt woman extraordinaire and actress TAMMIE BAIRD swinging on those gymnastics ring in a bikini is to be treasured..:) One of the toughest woman in the business, she’s been body doubling in some of the best action set-pieces on film and television. Honestly I worry for her sometimes as she has those serenely gorgeous features which bear the brunt of those heavy knocks and blows. Don’t mess with her though…hehe….she gives as good as she gets as demonstrated from her recent work in NCIS: ‘LOS ANGELES’, ‘DEXTER’ and ‘SONS OF ANARCHY’. It’s time they give her a TAURUS AWARD for her exceptional stunt career. Tammie is an unsung heroine that deserves immediate plaudits and that’s why i celebrate her today. Check out the fabulous TAMMIE BAIRD OFFICIAL SITE.

TAMMIE has admitted she loves playing the bad girl who can give a good walloping which means she would make the grade in FIGHT CLUB without raising a sweat…hehe. Away from her stunt work and acting, you will find TAMMIE is considerate and friendly complete with a graceful demeanor. Just take a look at her pics (above), her devastatingly beautiful smile is so exquisite. I can’t wait for the day this modern era WONDER WOMAN gets to headline her own TV Series. A sexy, statuesque beauty whose elegance and talent may be brewing behind the scenes but TAMMIE is certainly shining like a beacon of stunning wonderment.

Follow this talented lady’s career at IMDB: More Info TAMMIE BAIRD.

6 thoughts on “Hot Actress #380 – Tammie Baird:Sexy Siren

  1. Tammie Baird is the next “it” girl. She one hot sexy siren. Agree or she will kick your *ss! Have you seen her fight scenes. she is multi talented with a heart the size of the moon. Break a leg….

  2. Tammie is a good choice because she does not look like your every day stunt women so she can double various actors because she is lean and mean. She also can take hard hits and not complain about it.

  3. You made me laugh because “a modern era WONDER WOMAN” is the PERFECT way to describe Tammie Baird! You nailed it – and yes, Tammie does rock! I agree. Totally agree!

  4. Thanks for all the positive comments…you all have to be the coolest Tammie Baird fans ever….yup she is hugely deserving of all the accolades and i hope she continues to be an inspirational performer and action starlet!

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