Hot Actress #382 – Laurie Love:Indie Queen

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Adulation should be showered on actress LAURIE LOVE for being an advocate of independent films. Her company VICTORY ANGEL FILMS has a slate of impressive upcoming features. Hot on the heels of grindhouse films like MACHETE comes BLOOD MOON RISING in which LAURIE LOVE plays dual roles as LUCY the daughter of SATAN as well as SADIE, savior of the world. It’s a rollicking horror piece with tasty gore and camp in equal measure with porn legend RON JEREMY hamming it up! Don’t miss the awesome trailer (above) as buxomy LAURIE delivers a most wicked performance as both an evil entity and vampire,zombie and werewolf ass-kicker; by the way the soundtrack is MONSTER!! She’s also headlining ‘SNUFF’ and the psychological sci-fi tale ‘CRUSHED VELVET’ that takes reality TV into the dark recesses of the human addiction.

With LAURIE also taking writing and producing duties, it’s amazing to see her channeling her creative juices and contriving such brilliant stories for us fans to enjoy..:) For me, to follow her work would be the sincerest form of flattery and with LOVE in her surname, she’s destined to be fawned over and cherished…hehe. After checking out her modeling photos, I must say she has that classic beauty ala NATALIE WOOD although the one and only LAURIE LOVE has a much more voluptuous body. Her endless creative spirit serves as an inspiration to her fellow performers and fans alike and why we should embrace her as one of the brightest indie prospects.

Find out more about this dazzler at IMDB: More Info LAURIE LOVE.

4 thoughts on “Hot Actress #382 – Laurie Love:Indie Queen

  1. If you like Ron Jeremy be sure to check out his non-horror, non-adult epic acting in the new movie “Beaches, Buns and Bikinis.” Ron portrays a wise mystic beach sage who owns the coolest hot dog stand on the sand and dispenses love advice to the young.

  2. I totally agree with what you said about Laurie’s body. She is voluptuous with curves in all the right places. It is amazing. Her ass and tits have me drooling! I hope she shows more skin in her upcoming movies.

    1. Glad you are drooling….aren’t we all when we catch sight of Laurie Love. Plus she’s absolutely charming in person too…Adds even more to her Ever Growing Sex Appeal. Blood Moon Rising rocks big time because of her!

  3. Oh I agree Gorn. I’ve met her too. Very charming and cool. There was one scene where she was tied down and wearing panties. Do you remember what film that was? I can’t remember. Wow…I almost blew my load watching that. I wish she would show off her body more in future films. She’s always been cute. I knew her when she was younger but she gets cuter and cuter as she gets older. I would so love to burry my face in her ass and eat her out from behind. I’d motor boat her titties any day too and she’d be lovin it!

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