Hot Actress #385 – Jane Badler:Sex Bomb

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Sci-Fi Goddess, Ravishing Actress and Sex Symbol JANE BADLER is best remembered as the dangerously sexy DIANA from the memorably enthralling series ‘V’. She made the reptilian alien leader iconic by injecting a wicked ruthlessness into her saucy ice queen role seducing a whole generation of viewers. Nobody will ever forget the mouse swallowing scene which JANE also re-creates incredibly in one of her interviews (above)…wow…she’s a LEGEND! Everyone rejoiced when she was tapped to reprise her role in the new ‘V’ reboot for Season 2 presumably as the mother of ANNA, the supreme commander of the VISITORS. Interesting to hear that she’s in the popular Australian soap ‘NEIGHBOURS’ as a villian called DIANA!! She may have made EVIL look so fine but she’s charming as hell in person and how can one not be infatuated with her Aussie accent…..;)

Well we know what ‘V’ stands for and VIXEN would be the perfect choice to describe JANE BADLER who possesses an exceptional allure so immediately tempting. It’s time to reignite your JANE BADLER fascination as she reinvigorates film and television in the US and Australia. Watch out for her latest role as a professor in ‘NEEDLE’, a story of ancient voodoo and revenge. The JANE BADLER MYSPACE SITE offers a peek into her talents as a jazzy pop singer. Fans are head over heels with this Queen Of Hearts so succumbing to the wiles of sexy JANE BADLER should always be an experience to cherish!

Keep showing you love for her at IMDB: More Info JANE BADLER.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #385 – Jane Badler:Sex Bomb

    1. The original and sultry Diana in my book. It’s nice to see her and Morena baccarin as mother/daughter even if the series was shortlived! Now there’s some really hot derrières going on…;)

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