Hot Actress #386 – Natalie Victoria:Blonde Bombshell

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The exquisiteness of NATALIE VICTORIA is mind-blowing and she is going to mesmerize us in an impressive slate of indie films coming our way. I have to say i had a ball trying to choose the photos of her to post here as NATALIE is picture-perfect heavenly. With her comely pin-up beauty and a very compelling sweetness, it won’t be too long before she takes center stage. If you love your weekly dose of ‘THE WALKING DEAD’, then you must see her in the bromance comedy of zombiefied proportions in ‘DEADHEADS’. She’s also headlining ‘InSpecters’ which has an intriguing paranormal ala GHOSTBUSTERS feel to the film….how i adore supporting indie princesses in these flicks! It’s like every time the camera focuses on her, you see a goddess…that’s Natalie enchanting us in an instant. Support this upcoming starlet at the NATALIE VICTORIA OFFICIAL SITE and i reckon it’s time someone do up a list of the hottest indie actresses with NATALIE in it..:)

Amazingly versatile, NATALIE is also an accomplished theater actress playing everything from a mental patient to a grieving widow and the recipient of a Dramatic Acting Award in her craft. I am in awe of how she can be the girl-next-door or a sex kitten as the role or shoot requires; she is without a doubt a wonderfully stunning young lady. It’s a must to scope her out as we get to discover this performer of immeasurable attractiveness and bubbly enthusiasm that have propelled NATALIE VICTORIA as a must-watch!

Find out more about her films at IMDB: More Info NATALIE VICTORIA.

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