Hot Actress #387 – Katerina Mikailenko:Rising Starlet

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It’s always great to see young actresses get a semblance of prominence and KATERINA MIKAILENKO is primed to steal our hearts…:) Cast alongside big names like Cher, Christina Aguilera and Kristen Bell in ‘BURLESQUE’, rest assured we will be hearing a lot more of this bewitching brunette. I sense she’s on a similar career path much like when MILA KUNIS first started and KATERINA herself could also enjoy the level of success that MILA has accomplished. With the undead a clear winner on television, these are heady times for KATERINA as she’s going to be a series regular on MTV’s DEATH VALLEY about a task force charged with eradicating zombies,vampires and denizens of the dark. Sounds like the rise of another must-watch show! Don’t miss her being sexy and funny along with a good dose of dramatic moments in her most awesome reel (above).

Discovering for yourself the amazing work of starlets like KATERINA is most gratifying and these ladies do indeed produce stellar performances. KATERINA is pure hotness on a rapid rise and we all know that pretty soon she’ll be coveted by fans and media alike…:) She’s all Eastern-European elegance and that precious smile she wears can be a source of intense infatuation. The deliciously divine KATERINA MIKAILENKO is on the ascendancy as her popularity gathers pace.

Find out more about this bright prospect at IMDB: More Info KATERINA MIKAILENKO.

3 thoughts on “Hot Actress #387 – Katerina Mikailenko:Rising Starlet

  1. She is beatiful but has no real acting talent unfortunately, that’s why it took her 12 years of prints and modeling to finally start to act in decent films.

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