Hot Actress #388 – Shayla Beesley:Sizzling Cutie

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When the indie horror ‘PERKINS 14’ introduced SHAYLA BEESLEY, one could already see the makings of a genuine talent in our midst. SHAYLA was vividly engaging from her kissing scene to the riveting escape from brainwashed lunatics and right up to the agonizing end of the movie. She’s already lauded for her role as a teenager coming to grips with her growing sexuality and trying to fit in the cool, popular clique at her school in the fascinatingly raunchy ‘SEX AND THE USA’. An emerging darling of the indie scene, SHAYLA has a beauty comparable to a young ANGELINA JOLIE (check her out as a sultry peroxide blonde above). Add model and bassist/vocalist of the electro alternative band Beezlewood to her resume and you have a very prodigious performer! Ok this hottie has so many great videos, i obviously can’t post them all but here’s one more to savor; Check her work out as an award-winning screenwriter in the indie short film ‘BODY OF WORK’.

Have you seen her many beautiful incarnations as a model…..she’s all glamorously resplendent! And her creative instincts doesn’t just stop there; Visit the SHAYLA BEESLEY OFFICIAL SITE to see the myriad of exciting stuff she has planned. Talked about as possessing star quality in the horror/thriller genre at the tender age of 20, SHAYLA has the potential to be a headliner if she isn’t already. The fact that she heightens the intensity of the roles she takes on is a great advertisement of her virtuosity. Keep your eyes peeled on this young lady whose acting excellence grows by the day.

This dazzler can be found at IMDB: More Info SHAYLA BEESLEY.

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