Hot Actress #390 – Mihaela Mihut:Sexy Siren

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In just two instances, upcoming actress MIHAELA MIHUT has already shown how enticing she can be. We first saw this Romanian goddess making out in a taxi in the scintillating video JUICE BOX by the ever popular and revered band ‘THE STROKES’. Definitely one of the most memorable moments in a rock video as MIHAELA is a tempting VIDEO VIXEN indeed. Then she appeared in ‘PERKINS 14’ where she played a wife who was having an extra-marital affair in the midst of all that wanton killing; suffice to say she had a steamy scene involving blindfolds and HOT ‘N’ HEAVY kissing (check out some behind the scenes above). It’s always nice to see that MIHAELA brings an aura of believability by portraying the different facets of her ultimately flawed character and that being somebody’s wife doesn’t necessarily mean you’re white as the driven snow.

MIHAELA has a unique Eastern European attractiveness that fascinated me throughout the thrilling ride that is ‘PERKINS 14’. She is also active in the theater scene, having given thought-provoking performances as MAY in FOOL FOR LOVE, CAROL in ORPHEUS DESCENDING and INEZ in NO EXIT. This shapely statuesque brunette also holds A Method to the Madness Acting Class….i would attend that in a flash if i was living in NEW YORK! I’ve finally completed the trio of hotties from ‘PERKINS 14’ with lovelies MIHAELA MIHUT, SHAYLA BEESELY and KATHERINE PAWLAK much deserving of their time in the limelight.

One thought on “Hot Actress #390 – Mihaela Mihut:Sexy Siren

  1. Dear Miss Mihut:
    I saw you tonight in “Manipulation” at the Cherry Lane Theater and I want to thank you for a moving performance. As someone who has experienced the hopelessness of a difficult marriage, I certainly was able to identify with the plot of the play; but while all of the acting was superb, yours was magnificent. Thank you very much for a wonderful night at the theater.
    Bruce Melillo

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