Hot Actress #392 – Sharon Hinnendael:Rising Starlet

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Even before the racy television series ‘LOOK’ arrives worldwide, the very luscious SHARON HINNENDAEL has already commanded my utmost attention! An immensely ravishing actress, my fondness for her has increased exponentially after she noted that we had similar names which brought back some good memories…:) I’m over the moon that she added me on FACEBOOK. Check out the too sizzling for words video (above) of SHARON dancing in her lingerie; She has Sex Bomb written all over her and what about her flawless figure….bewitching!! Starring alongside some of the most gorgeous ladies ever (SARAH GRANT BRENDECKE, CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN and ALI CORBIN to name a few), we are taken into the POV world of surveillance cams where there’s a whole lot of naughty going on…hehe. The time for voyeurism is nigh and I’m pretty sure this titillating candid camera action will become a weekly obsession. Be sure to visit the SHARON HINNENDAEL MYSPACE SITE to see her exceptionally gorgeous photo gallery.

There’s already a video of SHARON on the red carpet (see above) tagging her as a Glamor Goddess of 2010 and she’s well on the way to being an IT Girl as well. SHARON’S acknowledgement of my support for her on-screen work is a clear indicator that she’s noteworthy for her grace on top of all that delectable beauty. She’s obviously a risk-taker with her sensually provocative role in ‘LOOK’ but it has definitely paid off with her starring in two fascinating thrillers ‘RITES OF PASSAGE’ and “MACHINE HEAD’ scheduled for release soon. SHARON HINNENDAEL will most definitely be under the watchful eye of the masses of fans in similar fashion to her HANNAH character who gets constantly ogled.

She’s probably now got all of us under her spell with her new movie “Embrace Of The Vampire” and she’s certainly sinking her teeth into this beguiling role…:)

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #392 – Sharon Hinnendael:Rising Starlet

  1. I concur, Miss Hinnedael is going to be on the walls and screen savers of many the young man, and women for that matter. Her sexuality just drips off of the screen and leaves a puddle on the floor. Her star is on the rise and will attain astronomical heights by the time she is done. Good luck, not the she needs it, on anything and everything you endeavor….We’ll all be watching, or should I say “LOOK”ing.

  2. Don’t forget she’s a real darling and so amicable towards her growing fanbase….oh and the fact she’s a blonde bombshell is always nice. She’s part of the rising tide of fresh faces to watch out for in the coming months…and it’s a stunning wave i want to catch!

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