Hot Actress #393 – Deirdre Lorenz:Blonde Bombshell

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With an attractiveness akin to a modern-day Grace Kelly, actress DEIDRE LORENZ is one fascinating lady. DEIDRE is a mover and shaker in the festival circuit having been nominated for BEST ACTRESS at the Hoboken International Film Festival 2010 for starring in the entertaining ‘SANTORINI BLUE’. This love story takes you from New York City to GREECE, as a once solid marriage starts crumbling and begs the question can one fall in love again? Cue a seductive leading lady in the shape of DEIDRE LORENZ, some Mediterranean romancing and an exceptional cast from the LAW and ORDER alumni (there’s ICE T and DIANE NEAL…wow!!). There’s something thrilling about watching a blonde vixen strut her stuff and DEIRDRE sizzles throughout the 2 minutes trailer (above). Amidst the exotic Greek locale, it wouldn’t take long to fall head over heels with the very photogenic DEIDRE LORENZ….:) By now, you would have already been bowled over by how heavenly she is, so check out the DEIRDRE LORENZ OFFICIAL SITE.

Make sure you also watch the “ABC News 20/20 with Deirdre Lorenz – Attraction Myths” video as it confirms the age-old notion that blondes elicit a great deal of help and do get hit on more often…hehe. When DEIDRE presented herself as a brunette, she was pretty much ignored!! But don’t let that distract from the fact that DEIDRE LORENZ is a creative princess having juggled lead as well as producer roles in ‘SANTORINI BLUE’ which was a baby of her very own production company THIRA FILMS. Call her an indie queen or a sexy temptress, you can be sure this stunning model and multi-talented actress is propelling the romantic love interest to its rightful place on film.