Hot Actress #394 – Michelle Shields:Scream Queen

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First off i have to acknowledge the kindness of upcoming starlet Michelle Shields for sending me a most enticing collection of photos. .:) This busty brunette who hails from Chicago has just landed the plum role as Elizabeth in a reinvention of FRANKENSTEIN: The Day Of The Beast. Can’t wait for her to bring a fresh perspective to the wife of Victor Frankenstein who is the personification of beauty something MICHELLE herself is endowed with. I haven’t met her personally but i already get vibes of the dedication she shows in the entertainment business and the sweetness she radiates. Pay a visit to the MICHELLE SHIELDS MYSPACE SITE and say a big hello to this gorgeous performer. MICHELLE also got to work on several scenes in BATMAN: THE DARK NIGHT where she met the legendary HEATH LEDGER. There’s plenty of reasons to get social with the hottie at the OFFICIAL MICHELLE SHIELDS FACEBOOK PAGE.

Emanating a desirable innocence, it is becoming of her to gravitate towards angelic characters who are actually shockingly demented inside. Comic Book Divas also installed her as Mrs. Marvelous in their A Life Behind The Mask series….talk about hidden personalities but i think this heroine is on the side of good! Catch this burgeoning horror vixen in her upcoming feature “POST MORTEM: AMERICA 2021 as a cyber punk assassin in a post apocalyptic world over-run by zombies. Guess who she is starring alongside in this one, none other than SCREAM QUEEN LEGEND Linnea Quigley. A sizzler on all platforms, she has a combined 10 years experience in theatre plus film and has even been described as the girl with the sexy eyes…wow!

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