Hot Actress #395 – Anne Marie Howard:TV Siren

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I’m in awe of the number of television roles played by ANNE MARIE HOWARD with her latest role being that of a distraught mother of a murdered girl in “CASTLE”. She’s a pleasure to watch; my favorites are when she was the sexy socialite on ‘DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ and her funny turn as the lady with a dress malfunction in ‘UNFABULOUS’; a little indecent exposure comes to mind…:) Now you can watch the assortment of videos detailing her impressive media work that are not to be missed at the ANNE MARIE HOWARD OFFICIAL SITE.

I was rather amaze to find out that ANNE starred in the JOHN CARPENTER’S chilling ‘PRINCE OF DARKNESS’…that movie still give me the creeps!! What an actress of rich talents with her multiple vocations as Voice-Over Artist, Spokeswoman, Host, News Anchor and Singer Songwriter. You would be tempted to say ANNE MARIE HOWARD is the Queen Of Everything as she does have a great track record especially on television. By now couch potatoes should also be familiar with since she’s been in more than 100 commercials, a quite remarkable endeavor if you ask me. ANNE MARIE has poise in spades, confidently tackling a variety of roles spanning from drama to comedy and she has an inviting presence that’s ravishing….ok i’ll admit i was also won over by her because she’s a blonde..;) I have a hunch after watching her, you’ll be bowled over too…;)

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