Hot Actress #399 – Melissa Ordway:Blonde Bombshell

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Having already worked with teen icons such as Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron, MELISSA ORDWAY is likely to join their ranks in 2010/2011 with intriguing roles on film and television. My pick being ‘A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas’ where MELISSA will surely provide more than just the hottie factor as she’s a versatile performer. Recently seen as a sultry vampire killer in ‘Tales Of An Ancient Empire’, she kicks some major bloodsucker ass….man that Kevin Sorbo is one lucky dude! In the tragic coming-of-age feature ‘Bones’, Melissa delivers once more in several emotionally draining scenes; a testament to her sensational abilities. It’s hard to fathom Melissa was once kind of nerdy; look at her now blossoming into a bewitching and accomplished actress/model. The positive enthusiasm she has for acting is amazing as proven by one of the quotes: “It’s a tough business. And never, never give up because one day it will happen for you.”

Girl to Watch, Starlet On The Horizon; these are plaudits showered on MELISSA Ordway and they are praises with substance. The busty blonde significantly came to our attention on TV for playing the alluring Jordanna in ‘Privileged’ who stirs up trouble at any opportunity; don’t miss the catfight she gets in her ‘Privileged reel’ (above). MELISSA is probably one of a handful of actresses who has introduced likability even in her bad girl roles…:) Have you noticed that she has those immaculate long blonde locks and ever so fashionable on the red carpet…..Young Hollywood looks so tantalizingly appealing with the prodigious stunner MELISSA ORDWAY in it.

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