Hot Actress #404 – Linda Bella:Sex Bomb

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If you don’t know who LINDA BELLA is, start preparing for her charm offensive! Just like her surname BELLA which means beautiful in Italian, she is blessed with immense natural gorgeousness and has all the makings of a sex symbol. Actually the name LINDA also denotes being pretty in Spanish and Portuguese so she’s already has the attractive X-Factor from the start. Temptingly captivating, LINDA BELLA is a fast rising starlet in the horror genre appearing in 2 intense thrillers ‘FILTH TO ASHES, FLESH TO DUST’ as well as headlining the upcoming ‘MONSTERS IN THE WOODS’. LINDA is an excellent screamer (be amazed by the lung power she exhibits in her interview above) and a vision of seductiveness on camera, essential attributes on her path as a Scream Queen.

And what about her sexy accent…..well LINDA is from France, hence the voguish chic and the luscious sensuality she embodies. It remains to be seen whether Linda stays as a horror hottie but I have to reiterate what a natural beauty she is; sparkling with incandescent French allure that’s instantly inviting. Aren’t we all glad she’s announced her arrival on the big screen…:)

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