Hot Actress #405 – Gina Limbrick:Sizzling Cutie

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Rising starlet GINA LIBRICK has the kind of sweetness to be remembered and I’m exhilarated to make her my featured actress of the day. Besides sending me her gorgeously precious autographs, i also received an amazing card detailing her on screen work and upcoming projects; she drops plenty of juicy updates which is so awesome! Christmas may be a week away but GINA has already given me a present to treasure and I’m truly proud to be her fan. GINA readily admits she loves to play killers as she excellently showed as cult leader Charles Manson’s girlfriend Patricia Krenwinkle in the MSNBC docu drama ‘WILL YOU KILL FOR ME’. She also has appearances lined up in two episodes of a new series ‘STOLEN VOICES,BURIED SECRETS’ on the Investigation Discovery Channel in January. To keep up to speed with the going-ons in the film business is a god-send and getting the news directly from actresses is a real satisfaction…Thank You Gina! Having those dreamy, come hither eyes is only one facet to this dazzler; GINA is also an international flight attendant and motorcycle racer….deliciously daredevilish gal indeed..:)

This blog is all about putting undiscovered gems like GINA in the limelight and I’m honored to be featuring this gracious honey. You’ll be attracted to her unique presence and Gina has been amazing in the dramatic fare she’s been in. She’s gone the extra distance in both her reel and real life, conspicuous in her understated beauty,elegant personality and energetic acting style. At the cusp of her blossoming career, I wish her all the success in the world.

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