Hot Actress #406 – Lisa Ann Walter:Blonde Bombshell

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Without a doubt, LISA ANN WALTER is one of the sexiest performers to grace this earth. This delectably busty lady is an acclaimed actress having co-starred with some of the best in the business namely Richard Gere, Jim Carrey, Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher in several outstanding films. Who can forget her brash sauciness and the sensual ballroom dance moves in ‘SHALL WE DANCE’…give me those womanly curves any day…:) LISA went on to create the successful series ‘DANCE YOUR ASS OFF’, igniting the trend to lose weight by letting loose on the dancefloor. Don’t miss the behind the scenes video(above) of Lisa working with her editor; confirming that men do indeed have two huge things on their minds when working with the ladies…hehe. I would be unabashedly staring too if them bountiful boobies were thrust in my direction; I so wanna be her editor too….:)

Besides her alluring magnetism, LISA has impressive comedic timing. During her stand up comic days, she hit the right spot with audiences emphatically tickling their funny bones with her take on issues such as domestic life and social norms. She has continued to utilize this talents to great effect on the big and small screens as seen in ‘BRUCE ALMIGHTY’ and ‘DRILLBIT TAYLOR’. It’s great to see Lisa maximizing her assets….she is after all a genuine talent who also happens to be well-endowed. She epitomizes what being a real woman is and Hollywood should start embracing the many flavors of LISA ANN WALTER if it hasn’t already.

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