Hot Actress #407 – Nancy Wetzel:Rising Starlet


Introducing the comely brunette NANCY WETZEL who has a recurring role in the action-laden series ‘UNDERCOVERS’. Her character is that of a chef who is constantly kept on her toes by her panicky boss, the sister of the female CIA operative Samantha Bloom(played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw). Unfortunately ‘UNDERCOVERS’ was recently cancelled after 1 Season ending the run of yet another thrilling show and depriving us of our chance to be enchanted by Nancy Wetzel. ALIAS fans would be familiar with her work on ‘ALIAS’ as Amy Tippin, the sister of Wil Tippin, private researcher for the CIA who vanished without a trace. If you had watched the star-studded crime caper ‘TAKERS’, you would have noticed NANCY at the start of the movie when Hayden Christensen hijacks her news chopper. Just when I was about to get a taste of the ethereally gorgeous NANCY, they pulled the plug on the show she’s starring in….BOO! The flipside to this is at least I get to fawn over her for about eight episodes which I’m pretty delighted….:)

Although NANCY didn’t appear in any of the promos for ‘UNDERCOVER’ which i found perplexing, I believe she’s going to blossom regardless so keep a watchful eye out for her. She may be headlining her own TV series down the road. Nancy is a joy to watch as her sereneness is more than inviting…:) J J Abrams knows his stuff so if she’s a cast member on his productions, it’s a good bet that Nancy will be a star in the making.

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