Hot Actress #413 & #414 – Julie Mintz & Libby Mintz:Blonde Bombshells

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One is a fabulous entertainer with an artistic edge; The other is a rising starlet who has appeared in two popular teen flicks and together they are the lusciously swoon-worthy JULIE and LIBBY MINTZ. I decided to feature the lovely MINTZ sisters today as i was amazed by the bond they share especially during these festive period of celebration and remembrance for the year. The closeness they have for each other can be seen in the tribute song JULIE composed for her sister Libby (above), ever so touching and poignant.

Here’s the skinny on JULIE MINTZ: There’s a whole lot of country in this hottie and you can hear the influences in her folk/acoustic musical style; I affirm her voice is amazing and has been contributing songs in the films and TV Shows she’s appeared in. Currently on the hit web series called ‘OUT TO LUNCH’ together with fellow performer Kathrin Smirke, she’s fashioning herself into quite the digital vixen. Enjoy watching the pair tackle a number of thorny situations; Don’t miss the “Pink Toilet Paper” episode (above) as it’s hilarious and an eye-opening look into what happens when desperation gets the best of us! JULIE projects a serenity that’s fetching and her warmth makes it such a pleasure to follow her on screen work.

Here’s the skinny on LIBBY MINTZ: She may have played the sorority sister minion who does the dirty work in the Amanda Bynes comedy ‘SYDNEY WHITE’ but I’m pretty sure LIBBY is a sweetheart all the way. Her girl next door features quickly draws you in but this girl has a lot of sass and sexiness as she showed in the riotously raunchy ‘Fired Up!’. Just like her sister JULIE has sung her praises in the tune “The Prettiest Face I’ve Ever Seen”, we wouldn’t hesitate to also do the same in expressing our approval. LIBBY has a small role in Sofia Coppola’s ‘SOMEWHERE’, a dramedy about the privileged in Hollywood with some of the most desirable actresses on show. She’s one photogenic cutie we could easily pine for…:)

One thought on “Hot Actress #413 & #414 – Julie Mintz & Libby Mintz:Blonde Bombshells

  1. Awesome blog – Libby & Julie are FABULOUS!!! And the absolute sweetest, most genuine and utterly brilliant young women in Hollywood. I’m proud and blessed to call them friends!!!

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