Hot Actress #419 – Azita Ghanizada:Sizzling Cutie

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A stunning lady with a stunning name, AZITA GHANIZADA is a popular scene stealer having a great run on television recently. Making waves on hit shows ‘ENTOURAGE’, ‘BONES’ and ‘GHOST WHISPERER’, the olive-skinned cutie is immaculate in every frame. Don’t miss her reel (above) as she she amps the naughtiness in black leather as Mistress Sapphire in an episode of “CASTLE” solidifying her status as one of the most sexiest women alive. Tapped to star alongside some big names in a new series ‘ALPHAS’, the dysfunctional little brother of X-Men where superheroes are anointed powers as a result of physical anomalies. Instead of tortured souls we get the tortured human condition….sounds fascinating especially since AZITA plays a woman imbued with hyper sense!

With the vampire phenomenon at its zenith, Azita is taking on the bloodsuckers in her upcoming sci-fi comedy BLOOD SHOT’ as a smart, sassy Arabian girl who gets to show some skin. Her exotically luscious Afghan-American roots enables her to embody a vast number of personalities on screen spellbiding viewers with a truly enchanting international flavor…:) Azita is really taking things to another level; A glittering mainstay of our entertainment scene and a sumptuously gorgeous one at that.

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