Hot Actress #422 – Cassie Shea Watson:Indie Queen

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When i saw the stunning CASSIE SHEA WATSON singlehandedly taking out a wave of zombies in her upcoming film ‘LIVING/DEAD’, I had to have her on my blog today! Take it from me, the spurt of Zombie Features on the big and small screen is growing exponentially, even Jane Austen has somehow got in on the act from beyond the grave with the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies adaptation! Cassie is definitely right up there when endorsing the portrayal of strong female leads trying to save us from the Zombie Apocalypse….she can rescue me any day! This Texas Hottie has the bewitching movie star looks, richly deserving of her win on a reality show called “The American Princess” in 2007. Her smoky, classic beauty will be in full display in the “film-noir” story called ‘CARD SHARK’….every inch a Femme Fatale, CASSIE has all the dramatic flair thanks to her background in theater. Drop by the CASSIE SHEA WATSON OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates and get to know this beautiful starlet.

I love her expressive blue eyes that fuel the emotionally charged roles she has done. Check out her amazing reel (above); From ‘AGENDA’ to ‘FEAST 2’ and her standout performances in the TV Series ‘SORDID LIVES’, CASSIE has the knack for conveying anger, love, hate and horror; I must say I’m especially taken in by her country twang…:) She also has several new features in a variety of genres coming our way soon, a credit to her fervor and talents in this business. CASSIE SHEA WATSON is certainly attracting attention from all quarters and I’m unequivocally in her corner…:)

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