Hot Actress #423 – Nicole Dionne:Indie Queen

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One of the most mesmerizing ladies in the indie scene, NICOLE intoxicates with her sunny disposition and infectious gorgeousness. Her exuberant spirit is clear for all to see and she displays her many delicious attributes with plenty of verve. A performer of many hats, Nicole has excelled in casting, dancing, songwriting, and creative producing. No surprises that her latest feature is called “LEADING LADIES” as Nicole is an actress bestowed with multiple talents which she has worked hard in perfecting. She has that sparkling beauty and upbeat personality akin to fellow actress Allison Mack of ‘SMALLVILLE’ fame…..everyone knows i can’t ever cease my crush for cute blondes…hehe. Isn’t it time you all head over to the NICOLE DIONNE OFFICIAL SITE. Flirty, Quirky, Edgy & Vulnerable! NICOLE represents every one of those traits as advertised on her site and you would agree if you had seen her as a Saucy Santa’s Little Helper (above) a mere two weeks ago. What i would give to spend Christmas in 2011 with spunky, sexy NICOLE if i were invited…hehe.

Also do not miss Nicole’s hypnotizing dance clip (above) taken off the monochromatic short film ‘STRING OF PEARLS. She exhibits all the artistic grace of an accomplished dancer. The SUNDANCE film fest is almost upon us, so it’s an honor to salute the impressive work of indie actresses. As the perky lesbian Mona Saunders of “LEADING LADIES” who is in the throes of ballroom dancing and love, NICOLE is a must-watch! Interesting fact: This blonde cutie dances around a pole and on stage in funky 80s gear, with The Spazmatics, an 80s cover band that can be described as musically funny! Get out the streamers and fun fare for the multi-talented NICOLE DIONNE..:)

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