Hot Actress #426 – Dreya Weber:Indie Queen

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Surely one of independent film’s best kept secret is the ravishing DREYA WEBER who by all accounts is a most elegantly beguiling woman…that sexy voice of hers and DREYA’s stunningly toned bod leaves you in raptures…:) I love that she’s such a tease when it comes to her sexuality; Somehow you can’t quite figure out which side she’s batting for as her sensual performance in the must-see drama ‘THE GYMNAST’ sees her as an aerialist whose lesbian tendencies come to the fore. DREYA is as much a visual spectacle in this film as the athletic bodies swaying on long strips of cloth and the ever increasing eroticism between two women in love. The sheer number of awards ‘THE GYMNAST’ has won is merited as DREYA accomplished talents are exemplary and I’m singing her praises too. Her latest feature ‘A MARINE STORY’ has just won her a BEST ACTRESS award at Outfest where she is the memorable face and centerpiece of this touching story of the much criticised military ban on gays. In addition, her aerial choreography has been much lauded and she’s performed on tours by Pink, Rihanna and ‘Burlesque’ hot mama Cher! Don’t miss the magnificent work she has done at the DREYA WEBBER OFFICIAL SITE.

I recently came across an article that anointed DREYA as an omnisexual….that just means the shapely blonde is spreading the love no matter your sexual orientation or preference and it’s amazing to be a fan of someone with such standing. On screen, DREYA is a powerful dramatic actress and a sexy dazzler on the indie scene. Off screen, she’s a one of a kind innovator flying high on her boundless creative energy.

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