Hot Actress #428 – Simone-Élise Girard:Canadian Vixen

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Parallels can be drawn between the Canadian indie thriller ‘DIE’ and the ‘SAW’ Franchise as both films have victims who are drawn into a game of survival that ultimately ends in destruction. The key difference being ‘DIE’ has an international cast of hotties notably Bond Girl Caterina Murino and Canada’s very own perennial sexy siren SIMONE-ÉLISE GIRARD which i’m featuring today. A versatile character actress, she’s equally eye-catching in both English and French productions, most notably fans will remember her 6-episodic stint on hit series ‘E.R’ flirting with main man Dr. John Carter played by Noah Wyle. Simone recently starred opposite Mr ” La Bamba” himself Lou Diamond Phillips as a lovely clairvoyant who visualizes doom in the fantastical tale about the Jersey Devil called ‘CARNY’….ooooh I can’t stop watching these creature features! This desirable brunette has the sophisticated French allure coupled with her distinctly sensual Quebec accent and the congeniality we have come to love of Canadian women.

Her heterogeneous roles have included being a homeless young mother, a Russian spy and even a mermaid in the cult series ‘THE HUNGER’ which I must make a point to hunt down every single episode! The magnetism of her dreamy eyes is one of her many attractive facets of which she has aplenty..:) Immensely watchable, SIMONE-ÉLISE GIRARD is a pleasure whenever she steps in front of the camera.

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