Hot Actress #436 – Jennifer Matter: British Vixen

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Her performance in ‘DEAD CERT’, the “Lock, Stock & Smoking Barrels” meets “Hammer’s Classic Dracula” Brit flick has JENNIFER MATTER impressively sinking her teeth into the role of the dangerously sexy bloodsucker Tatiana. She imbues her sultry blonde Euro-vamp with a sadistic edge and the predatory instincts of the undead….luckily there’s not one emo-vampire around enabling us to enjoy JENNIFER’s wildly aggressive side in the film. We are all crying out for a modern day temptress of darkness in the mold of Ingrid Pitt and Jennifer could be the one to step up. Not that she’s limiting herself to horror since she’s known for being the female lead of the tense indie ‘PAINTBALL’ where the fun and games turned deadly in a hurry and will also appear in ‘STALKER’, the compelling remake of 1976 thriller ‘EXPOSE’. While the low-budget original dispenses bucket loads of gore and sex, the re-imagining has plenty of hair-raising psychological elements.

Looking every bit drop-dead gorgeous, JENNIFER MATTER is an actress who doesn’t just deliver by the book performances choosing instead to emphasize the varying facets of the character she embodies. Having been part of several intriguing projects, it’s clear that the blonde siren has the bewitching factor that endears herself to audiences. This girl has plenty of BITE that’s undeniably winning us over!

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