Hot Actress #439 – Rosa Pianeta: Sex Bomb

 alt=  alt= is a website promoting Italian movies worldwide and as for me, I spotlight actresses from Europe and sexy Italian actresss ROSA PANIETA will be today’s featured talent. Sophia Loren, Monica Bellucci, Violante Placido….these are names that define what it is to be an Italian Sex Symbol and now you can add the voluptuous ROSA PANIETA to this esteemed list! Just looking at the photos (above) of this buxom starlet and you know she has the requisite Sex Appeal. The Italian goddess is appearing in THE RITE’ alongside the venerable Sir Anthony Hopkins, the horror flick that has its roots in ‘THE EXORCIST’ yet delivers its own brand of shock value. This time it’s the man of the cloth who is unknowingly possessed by the devil and needs an exorcism… ironic. She’s also in the erotic coming-of-age drama ‘Eighteen – The world at my feet’ that entails a youth who trawls for the warmth of older women and tries to satisfy his unfulfilled void. Oh how i wish i could find an English trailer but the R-rated trailer (above) is pretty steamy and unquestionably tempts us to find out more..:)

I hope ROSA does more English movies as she has a piercing sexiness that’s so intense. If Tilda Swinton can crossover into Italian Cinema as she so successfully did in ‘Io sono l’amore ( I Am Love )’, I believe ROSA would be just as prosperous…:) ROSA PANIETA is an actress that would make most men weak at the knees and have you wrapped around her pretty delicate fingers….:)

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