Hot Actress #440 – Renny Grames: Rising Starlet

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If you were at the recently concluded SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL (lucky bastards), you would have caught some of the finest young indie starlets such as RENNY GRAMES mingling with luminaries such as Zooey Daschanel and Ashton Kutcher. In the upcoming Sundance-worthy drama “I LIVE AT THE HOUSE WITH THE BLUE DOOR”, RENNY offers an unsettling, disquiet performance as a wealthy wife driven by guilt after a life-changing tragedy. Come to think of it, she looks like a cross between actress Amy Smart and Lauren German but RENNY has her own distinctively captivating pixiness that’s also accentuated by stirringly strong features. On the acting front, you can read about her intriguing projects at the RENNY GRAMES OFFICIAL SITE. She’s also a singer/vocal coach and her sultry, resonating voice is awe-inspiring. Love that she has an Asian connection having been born in Tokyo and residing there for a number of years….get her in a JAPANESE FILM i say!

It’s also great to see her inject a little fun once in a while as evident from her foray into low-budget horror in ‘ORCS’ that takes the mickey out of ‘Lord Of The Rings’ in spates. Those pesky beasts didn’t have a chance in Middle Earth and they won’t either on Earth after getting a piece of RENNY’s shotgun (watch the trailer above)! We’ve already aware that she’s a fine dramatic actress and it’s always nice to see her cut loose in less serious fare. I highly fancy this eloquent blonde to be one of the “IT” Girls of the indie scene especially since she has such a radiant potency on screen.

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