Hot Actress #447 – Haviland Stillwell: Rising Starlet

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It’s such a pleasure to write about the stunning HAVILAND STILLWELL as she’s a cascade of absorbing buzz. From her recent appearance in ‘CSI:NEW YORK’ last week to co-starring with Jennifer Love Hewitt on her escort drama ‘THE CLIENT LIST’ and being a dear friend of “GLEE” vixen Lea Michele, she’s a treasure trove of infotainment all on her own. With her being openly a lesbian, the fascination for this very special lady keeps growing tenfold and i predict she’s going to be newsworthy for a long time to come. I know fans can’t get enough of her Southern comfort…come to think of it why isn’t HAVILAND in “TRUE BLOOD”. Being a fabulous singer as well, she also contributed the catchy tune Hurts So Good/I Like It Rough from her debut album How I Role for a parody of ‘THE L WORD’. Go to itunes and get the album and this comes direct from Haviland herself so show your support for her….:) I’m only just discovering her wealth of talent and HAVILAND has already got me all shook up. Get yourselves up-to-date on this honey at the HAVILAND STILLWELL OFFICIAL SITE

Heavily compared with a certain starlet of yesteryear Olivia de Havilland, she herself has an exuberant aura that’s a fabulous extension to the photogenic beauty that she is. Always banking on the positives in life, Haviland is a cavalcade of spunk which in turn maximizes her rapidly multiplying appeal. This cutie from Savannah, Georgia is entrancing us with her bubbly, charm offensive and striking a chord with viewers worldwide.

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