Hot Actress #451- Marcelle Baer: Sizzling Cutie

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I’m must say I’m addicted to the thrills and scares of After Dark Horror Films and when you have a pool of amazing young performers translating the terrifying material onto the big screen, you’re swiftly hooked..:) I can’t wait to see glowing brunette MARCELLE BAER headline the After Dark Originals Entry ‘SCREAM OF THE BANSHEE’ with the Irish lore of the Banshee unleashed via an ornate box that dispels doom. Found the the trailer (above)…I have my MARCELLE BAER fix…YAY! With a sexy poster of the Banshee in crimson red (above) teasing us of what’s to come and a revered cast including genre fave Lance Henriksen and eternal cutie Lauren Holly, this has the makings of a horror classic. Meanwhile satiate yourselves with the indie swords and sandals Spartacus-like “Journey To Promethea” and even though the film was criticized, it has often been pointed out that the female cast led by Marcelle Baer were the saving grace of the fantasy; Billy Zane was way too campy for my taste!

Some of you may already know her from the parody ‘VAMPIRES SUCK’ and MARCELLE is stardom-bound especially since she’s appearing in the actioner ‘THE KIILLING GAME’ with luminaries such as Samuel L. Jackson, Kellan Lutz and Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries fame! A real charming young lady, her engaging cuteness and those flowing brown locks would have you falling at her feet in no time. Check out her scene from the upcoming indie ‘LETTING GO’ (above). When she bats her eyelids ever so slightly, she’s quite the dish…:) 2011 is the year we shall witness the rise of this lovely lady and a new found attraction to MARCELLE BAER..:)

3 thoughts on “Hot Actress #451- Marcelle Baer: Sizzling Cutie

  1. Marcelle is one of my friends & is amazingly beautiful inside & out. So happy for her & can’t wait to see more.

    1. Yup, she’s certainly one of the nicest ladies on this planet. So happy that she let me be one of her fans and I have to say Marcelle Baer is a genuine dazzler. Hope her horror flick Scream Of The Banshee comes To Asia!

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