Hot Actress #452- Megan Hilty: Blonde Bombshell

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When I saw Megan Hilty irritating the hell out of the chef at the start of indie thriller ‘BITTER FEAST’, I was taken in by that very performance. She portrayed reality food hostess Peg, seemingly unable to get along with her celebrity cook co-star, a closet psychopath who snaps after getting savaged by a food blogger. She was a constant thorn, pestering incessantly and belittling the reputation of the chef at every opportunity, it was amazing she didn’t get any just desserts! An impressive turn, this blonde cutie continues to capture hearts as she has done so regularly on film, television and stage. If you have a liking for “PUSHING DAISIES” star Kristin Chenoweth then you must fancy MEGAN HILTY as well; Both are accomplished multi-platform performers with the most stunning of voices and an infectiously appealing smile. A winner of many awards thanks to her work as secretary Doralee (made famous by Dolly Parton) in the musical adaptation of “9 to 5”, she’ll possibly snag more after being cast as the lead in Steven Spielberg’s new NBC Pilot “SMASH”. I sense a smash hit of “GLEE” proportions especially when the core elements of the drama include a Broadway Musical, Marilyn Monroe and singers belting out tunes as they are written by the lyricist/composer.

One of her best quotes has to be “I’m not a one-trick pony!” and don’t think you can stereotype her as a dumb blonde either (thanks to her role as Glinda in “WICKED”), this girl’s got cred!! From her voluptuous curves to her classy stage presence and her melodious gifts as a songstress, MEGAN HILTY will guarantee a visual and aural experience for her countless fans.

One thought on “Hot Actress #452- Megan Hilty: Blonde Bombshell

  1. Megan Hilty is the best actress and singer on Smash ! I watch the show just to see and hear her . She has a splendid voice and can dance too ! You go girl!

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