Hot Actress #456 – Patricia Schumann: Euro Hottie

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Denmark may be a small market compared to HOLLYWOOD but there’s a constant pool of female performers to be marveled at especially when they come in the form of Nordic Goddess Patricia Schumann. Fresh off her win at the prestigious 2011 Bodil Awards for Best Supporting Actress as Sofie who offers occasional sexual comfort to the protagonist in the bleak tale ‘SUBMARINO’, somewhat becoming a crutch to the broken man. You get a sense Sofie is damaged goods and ultimately careering into a tragic ending. I must laud Patricia for impressively investing herself into such a troubled character that includes acting out a Blowjob scene and allowing her boobs to be fondled by a creepy dude no less. Even with the grim subject matter, she’s still a picture of sensuality and that can be attributed to her shimmering gorgeousness. The blonde siren is quickly developing into a Danish arthouse darling for besides “SUBMARINO”, she has appeared in 2 other features ‘PRELUDIUM’ and ‘PROFETIA’, both equipped with equally compelling storylines.

Hey HOLLYWOOD isn’t it time to woo and bring her Stateside! We’ve already seen how breathtaking she can be and it would be awesome if someday PATRICIA does an English-language drama. Someone who clearly thrives on pushing the boundaries in the various film she’s done having displayed full-frontal nudity in the film The Early Years, you might say European actresses are uninhibited but hasn’t nudity already become so mainstream, it’s popping up everywhere. What I’m pretty certain about PATRICIA SCHUMANN is that she’s already one of the most captivating women of the film world.

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