Hot Actress #458 – Camille Mana: Rising Starlet

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FHM Cover Girl, Award-winning film-maker/producer and already tipped as one of Ten Promising Asian-Americans To Watch, CAMILLE MAMA enthralls with relative ease. When she acknowledged in jest her openness for threesomes from an interview she did (above), she probably made the day for many a guy…hehe. Sassy, funny and blessed with a wholesome yet foxy sex appeal, this Filipino-Chinese beauty has even kissed “Mr MegaTwitter” star Ashton Kutcher in just her bra and panties albeit in a scene from the comedy ‘SMART PEOPLE’. Even though she’s well known as the sprightly Lisa Sanchez from TV Series ‘ONE TO ONE’, CAMILLE has done several independent features most notably the Mean Girls meets Ninja High School comedy ‘THE SAMURAI OF STRONGVILLE, OHIO’ which had its run during CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2010. Add an appearance in star-studded Sundance fave ‘HIGH SCHOOL’ plus a starring role alongside the face of “The Social Network” Jesse Eisenberg in the upcoming ‘THE AMBASSADORS’ and you can see why she’s primed for stardom. It’s been a tough road for her so let’s face facts by not sugarcoating them; Asian faces are the minority in this industry but her exuberant passion and strong belief has garnered a semblance of deserved success.

You may be surprise to know even though CAMILLE’s a social butterfly, she doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the trappings and allure of Hollywood themed parties, preferring to be seen in the more artistic fringes of Tinseltown. With her star on the up and up and fame knocking on her doorstep, that might prove easier said than done but you have to adore her groundedness in the thick of all the media hooplah. This bubbly girl is creating a sweet commotion and believe you me, she is that lovable..:)

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