Hot Actress #459 – Hanna Mangan-Lawrence: Aussie Vixen

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In just a short span, Australian Siren HANNA MANGAN-LAWRENCE is fast becoming a media darling. There’s promising newcomer written all over her thanks to her thrilling performance as schoolgirl crush Chasley in “ACOLYTES” who unwittingly gets swept into a blackmail pact with 2 of her closet friends against a serial killer. Things go awry for the threesome as the tables are turned leading them on a destructive path in this horror flick with real teens harboring love/lust and facing genuine fear. From her hallucinogenic pot-infused Sex Scene to the wild ride through teenage angst and finishing off with the final bloody act, HANNA sold me on what it takes to embody this complex role of flirtatious jailbait caught up in fatal circumstances. She channels loss innocence once more in the upcoming movie “X” alongside “SPARTACUS” Seductress and Fellow Aussie Viva Bianca as a runaway turned hooker who has to survive her first night on the job. Catch the teaser (above) and be entranced by HANNA’s cleavage teasing mesmerizing dance at around the 1:57 mark!! “X” is a salaciously gritty trip into the Sydney Underworld and Escort Business teeming with unadulterated eroticism.

Side boobs aside (as one fan so affectionately referred to HANNA), this starlet already has nomination nods as Best Australian Newcomer and Most Outstanding New Talent enhancing her growing reputation. Adept in fearless roles, HANNA could just be the NEXT BIG THING after Aussie teen sensation and “SUCKER PUNCH” leading lady EMILY BROWNING. This modern day Lolita from Down Under is Stunningly Talented…Hollywood Come Get Her! Apparently they have and now she’s bewitching us in “Spartacus: Vengeance” as the cunning Seppia.

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