Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Ellen Dubin

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I swear every time I gaze upon all-natural and voluptuous Canadian Hottie Ellen Dubin, she gets saucier by the minute. Proof of her everlasting allure can be found in the latest pics of her in dual roles as a Russian Stripper (above) and wacky mum from the witty, saucy play “Live Nude Girl”. Delve deeper into the world of Ellen Dubin as she regales her experiences starring alongside Winona Ryder, whether she’d consider sleeping with serial killers as her character did in web series “The Resolve” and why Plastic Boobies are not sexy at all….hehe.



I just recently saw a very saucy pic of you from Live Nude Girl. Can you tell us more about the play and how you wowed the crowd with your dual role as frustrated mom and Russian Stripper?

A: This play is based on a true story starring written and produced by Monica Himmel about her life as a pole dancer in Las Vegas. The play includes her background starting out in Los Angeles as an actor and holding down various jobs from a live nude art model to a tour guide at a movie studio to dancing in Las Vegas. It is a funny moving provocative piece and we all play various people that come in and out of her life. I played her frustrated psychotic stage mother and a fellow stripper named Love. The audience got a kick out of seeing the same person play such huge contrasting roles. I love seeing actors do that! These parts could not have been more different. In the second act, I went back and forth a few times between mother and stripper – The audience enjoyed seeing that switch so quickly – from uptight mom to sultry wild stripper.

Love to keep that audience on their toes, as you know! Stay tuned, you may not have seen the last of LIVE NUDE GIRL!

2. Renowned for your excellent work on cult series “LEXX” and for being a alluring yet classy Sci-Fi Siren, what has been some of your other favorite roles?

A: Thanks for that about LEXX. Giggerota the Wicked does hold a special place in my heart because it put me on the map in the sci if world.

I also loved doing HIGHLANDER: THE RAVEN. I crave learning new skills and I got to take broadsword lessons Very few women get to wield that kind of sword in tv or film. I just found it very freeing and fun. Also I was the only gal in history to have the first broad to broad broadsword fight in Highlander history.
One of my other favorite roles was starring in my Gemini nominated role as Jeri Slate in my supernatural drama series THE COLLECTOR. The show was a wonderful series that touched on many themes that we deal with in our lives.

I did the show for three seasons . I loved being a regular on a show and creating a role from the start playing a very strong passionate no holds barred journalist as well as a single mother of an autistic son. Loved the challenge of working with the little boy and different wonderful actors every week. It was one of the highlights of my career being nominated for my acting in that show. It is always great to be acknowledged by your peers in the business.

3. You once said that there are more strong parts for women in sci-fi than any other genre. If you weren’t in sci-fi productions, which other genre would most tickle your fancy and why?

A: Well, I am very lucky to have done lots of different genres. i am not just an actor in sci fi . Playing detectives and lawyers in movies of the week are also very empowering. I have played a few of those recently so that is very rewarding. Sci fi just on the whole writes kick ass parts for women.

4. With so many talents emerging from the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, how are Canadian performers such as yourself perceived in this competitive industry?

A: A great actor is a great actor no matter what country they come from. That said, Canadian actors are on the whole very well trained. A lot of us have paid our dues in the theater working very hard for very little money. So we are very disciplined actors . We are also used to doing a lot of different genres from theater to commercials to industrials to film and TV. We are known as versatile actors that can handle a wide variety of material. We are also known to be hard workers, disciplined and very appreciative of everything we have.

The little engine that could. We just keep on plugging away! And our grateful for the jobs we get!

5. Having acted alongside Winona Ryder in the drama “When Love Is Not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story, can you tell us about your on set experiences and what Winona is like as an actress and as a person?

A: I have to tell you that I was so thrilled to book this movie of the week because the subject matter was so profound- talk about a strong central female character played by Winona Ryder and of course to work with Winona. Also, I knew that doing a Hallmark Hall of Fame presents film was a very high profile project- the highest level of movies of the week an actor can have on their resume.

She is a very dedicated actress who was not used to the crazy schedule of doing so many scenes in one day. She has worked with Martin Scorsese and he spends a lot of time on just a small scene. We didn’t have that kind of luxury to spend the time. So she had to get used to a very heavy shooting schedule because she was carrying almost the whole movie opposite the mesmerizing Barry Pepper.

I loved working with her because she always made sure her fellow actors were alright- she was as team player and wanted to make the dialogue work in every single scene. Loved that about her. Plus she had the best skin I have ever seen! She glows! And I was thrilled she was recently nominated for a SAG award in this project. I felt very lucky to have worked with her.


6. You are an advocate of natural beauty so what’s your take on the rise of bust implants and plastic surgery in the entertainment business? Will these enhancements really help an actress advance in her career?

A: Oh Haren, I am one of the last holdouts . The only fake thing I have on me are my highlights on my head. I know a lot of actresses are doing these procedures and I can’t judge what they do to their own bodies- that is their choice. But it saddens me that in an attempt to be unique they all look the same. They don’t look younger- their skin has a weird shine, looks deformed and those platypus lips are so unsightly. Even if an actress is brilliant, you can’t watch the movie or tv show, because you are just conscious of all the plastic surgery.

Also big plastic hooters do not make you sexy. It is such a shame that actresses think that if they put these disgusting fun bags in their body they will be sexy. They will not be hotter believe me- It may help their career if they choose to do porn or play hot tub gal number three but it will not change their acting!. They are trying so hard to be womanly with all this plastic that is cancels it out. It is sad that the magazines have a lot of these gals on their covers. Most of the Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret models have plastic lips, nose jobs and fake boobs. How sad that this is the image we are showing our young women. They also photo shop the hell out of pics. I just feel badly for young women that they feel that have to do this. Yes look the best YOU can be but why look like everyone else. A true actor reveals themselves not hides from themselves! Stop the madness gals. Stop running and being so insecure by masking your looks. Most actors are unique and you remember them for their unique look and style. There are so many gals who look the same on TV right now – you can’t tell one apart from the other – it is liked they are made on an assembly line. Why do you want to be an actress that is the same as everyone else? If I can reach one gal on this blog , I will be happy.

A lot of breakdowns now say please no plastic surgery especially if it is period piece. They want real looking women. Isn’t that sad that they even have to say that. I have to say when I see a tv show that is supposed to take place in ancient times and the gal takes off her top and there are big fake breasts, I hate that. It takes you right out of that period of time- it is not authentic. I could write a book on this Haren.

7. In your latest feature, the web series “The Resolve”, you play a psychologist who sleeps with a serial killer. Would you ever entertain such thoughts if a similar situation presented itself in your personal life and is love really that blind?

A: Are you kidding? I would run run run run run the other way! Mind you, you do hear of women who write serial killers in jail and marry them so yes these are sick individuals who I don’t even think know what true love is. I hope I never have to face this kind of situation! Great unique question.

8. I like to describe you as somebody who’s brimming with seductiveness but as a woman, what does it mean to be truly sexy?

A: First of all thank you!
Don’t try so hard gals- show up be you laugh have fun and listen to what other people are about. I love helping people – that is truly sexy. Not being self centered plastic and worrying about if your makeup looks good your high heels are the right designer brand pouring on the perfume pumping everybody part up and out. LESS IS MORE! My grandmother always taught me let people be aware of you not your cosmetics and not your clothes.

Yes we all like taking sexy pictures and having fun and being appreciated but gals stop trying so hard. Stop showing everything for free gals on facebook! Have grace dignity and some class that is sexy!

Sexy is just being!
If you are thinking about it too much you are not sexy
I like to think of myself as sensual and tactile. Laugh !

9. Much as i hope you’ll star in “True Blood” (you would be simply captivating) someday since you were on the TV Series “Blood Ties”, what would be your dream role and which actor/actress would you love to star with?

A: Actually Haren , TRUE BLOOD is one of my goals so you know where my head is at. I would love to be a shapeshifter on that show. I was so so sorry to see the wonderful show BLOOD TIES get cancelled because I was supposed to come back. I would love to do a LAW AND ORDER- should be on every true actor’s resume. I would love to work with Liam Neeson, Jeff Bridges, Cate Blanchettt and Meryl Streep.

I would love to do V, Fringe any of the new sci fi shows.
I also like that new AMC Zombie show- great acting – you really care about the people on that show.
Hey I am up for most new challenges Haren. I would also love to do a great Broadway play!
Bring it on!

10. What can fans and audiences expect from the vivacious Ellen Dubin on the horizon?

A: I hope to be doing more work and add more passion and more layers to my roles. My web series THE RESOLVE continues.
I have a movie out on the Lifetime Network right now called SECOND CHANCES opposite Melissa George and I hope to be at a sci fi convention in Vancouver called STARCON in June. Start visiting the STARCON OFFICIAL SITE for more details.

I also just finished my third session on a major sequel to a video game. I love doing voice work – it is very rewarding. I did voice work on an animated film last year as well. Can’t say the names as yet. But as soon as I can, will let you know. Please check out www.ellendubin.com for further details.

I want to spend more time with my fabulous family and work with Make A Wish in Toronto, Ontario.

I am also very grateful for my fans and for Haren for all his support and devotion to actresses world wide!

Thanks for this wonderful interview!

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