Hot Actress #461- Savanah Wiltfong: Rising Starlet

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Having the first ever actress from Alaska on my blog is a significant moment to treasure and I can’t thank SAVANAH WILTFONG enough for letting me be her fan. If Katy Perry was singing about her, then SAVANAH is most certainly a TEENAGE DREAM…:) For someone so young, she effortlessly accomplished a most magnificent debut in dramedy ‘DEAR LEMON LIMA’. I find it endearing that SAVANAH readily admits it’s the first ever feature she’s done and she’s generating just as much buzz as the film. Along with newly minted Oscar Winner Melissa Leo, multi-faceted thesp Beth Grant and the perpetually vivacious Elaine Hendrix, gifted director Suzi Yoonessi has crafted a memorable piece of storytelling and it’s a match made in heaven with the youthful cast forming the core of the multiple-award winning film. SAVANAH is a glorious delight in the lead role of Alaskan teen oddball Vanessa Lemor, urging us to reflect on the awkwardness and heartbreaks of growing up. Reminiscent of Anna Chlumsky’s “My Girl” (the coming of age) and reinventing “Revenge of the Nerds” geekdom by introducing the endearingly motley group called FUBAR (F**cked Up Beyond All Recognition), it’s an intimately sweet tale with a lot of heart. Come March 4th, make sure you show the love by catching the release of ‘DEAR LEMON LIMA’…:)

The budding star has the Emerging Talent and Golden Salmon Awards under her belt, adding credence to her massive potential as a Teen Idol in the coming years…:) Oh, I just realized the fetchingly cool Savanah has a most adorable giggle (don’t miss out on her interview above). This cutie is definitely someone you want to connect with in the online world too as she’s accommodatingly pleasant towards her growing fanbase. Fascinatingly accessible, the gorgeous cupcake that is 17-year old Savanah Wiltfong is proving to be a real gem.

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