Hot Actress #462- Natalie Lander: Sizzling Cutie

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Female comic, voice artist, cabaret singer and of course rising starlet of film/TV, sumptuous NATALIE LANDER has done them all. God of War fanatics will know her as Pandora in the game’s latest incarnation but you might also realize that behind Pandora’s voice is an exquisite up and coming actress. We’ve already seen 2011 become ‘The Year Of Natalie’ during the Oscars and who’s to say NATALIE LANDER won’t reach those same heights! The kissable lips that NATALIE has could give Angelina Jolie’s bee-stung ones a run for its money any day of the week..:) She previously appeared in the Hilary Duff film “Material Girls” and can be seen in the recently aired episode “Wherever I Go” from the Miley Cyrus phenomenal hit show “Hannah Montana”. I love that she’s trailblazing her way via the comic route and drawing up some really funny material. Ingeniously using music as part of her act “The Untitled Natalie Lander Project” consisting of original rock, comedy songs it begs the question when is she going to be on GLEE?

Competition is rife in Hollywood to stand out from the crowd with new talents emerging daily; an almost ‘American Idol’ existence if you will, the only difference being they are being judged by the masses from the very start. NATALIE is evidently earning her spurs and up for the challenge by doing something entertainingly original….i just wish distance didn’t prevent me from watching her perform live. I’m sure for those who have seen her on stage would be in admiration of her resonating, vocal range….this girl is a natural at hitting them grand notes! I’ve scoured a lot of the online chatter and I’ve discovered one thing about NATALIE that everyone agrees on; She’s breathtakingly cute with an exciting creative streak…:)

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