Hot Actress #466 – Pollyanna McIntosh: Sex Bomb

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Jack Ketchum film adaptations have introduced to the world some of the sexiest and most enormously talented women. From lust-worthy Robin Sydney of “The Lost” fame to angelic Blythe Auffarth from the riveting “The Girl Next Door” and POLLYANNA MCINTOSH who as the cannibalistic ‘WOMAN’ in “Offspring” was scary good. The gory thriller makes for exceptional viewing as it brings up the question is evil inborn and do humans have that choice not to fall into vileness. By the end of the movie, I was wondering whether to pity the ‘WOMAN’: Flesh-eating may be heinous to most but isn’t it a basic need for somebody who has known the taste all her life. POLLYANNA is set to reprise the wicked role in the sequel aptly titled “The Woman” which had its share of controversy during its run at Sundance. A Patron who saw the film rant out that it was demeaning towards womenfolk…Yo Angry But Stupid Dude, it’s just fiction man so Get Over It! Doesn’t distract one bit from the fact that POLLYANNA is both strikingly sensual and a dynamite performer. Her physicality on camera is wonderfully imposing and absorbing! Be sure to stop by the POLLYANNA MCINTOSH OFFICIAL SITE

With a derrière that’s temperature raising, killer 36DD curves and haute chic, this model/actress is 5′ 10″ of statuesque lusciousness. Famous as being the lesbian party girl getting wild in a Simon Baker/Natassia Malthe threesome from Sex and Death 101, she was also devilishly titillating in “9 Lives Of Mara”. Nude scenes aside, this siren has such a commanding aura that’s unmissable on film. In the indie thriller “Exam”, she was remarkable once more, all corporate sass in this tale of office types dueling over a high-powered job vacancy. Just realized that POLLYANNA is a Scottish Vixen, my very first on this blog and till this day, her saucily, husky voice gets me every time. The point I’m succinctly trying to make is that POLLYANNA has been enticing us for a number of years as an intelligent Sex Symbol complete with profound edginess.

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