Hot Actress #470 – Nicole Kruex: Scream Queen

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I may be SHY but after much DISCURSION, I’ve come to the realization that If I were living right NEXT DOOR to her, I’ll be in LUST with the distinctively beguiling NICOLE KRUEX. If you didn’t catch on yet, I’ve just mentioned some of her films (All Caps) she’s appeared in or will headline pretty soon. Have you visited the NICOLE KRUEX OFFICIAL SITE yet?? I’m blown away by how gorgeous she looks in cosplay, albeit a more morbid version and I seriously hope her Anime-Horror mashup “Harajaku Homicide” makes it to screens everywhere. With titles such ‘Scream Queen Of The Month’ and ‘Fright Girl Of The Month’, NICOLE rightly belongs in the horror genre as a visual feast we can’t stop craving. She has an exotic cuteness and possesses one of the hottest bods in the horror biz as well as the pleasantness that’s a winner with fans. Affectionately called NIKKI HOMICIDE in reference to her taste for the macabre, she literally has got a ‘healthy’ obsession with serial killers, slashers and even prisons!

She’s been around entertainment all her life having been a dancer, commercial/print model whilst thriving in many aspects of filmmaking as an actress/producer/editor. Feted as one of the First Ladies Of Horror alongside luminaries such as Rachel Grubb, Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine and Shannon Lark, the Future Of Horror Movies lies with this generation of women whose passion for the horror industry is second to none. Rest assured with NICOLE KRUEX coming to the fore, expect wickedness and sensuality from this unconventionally affecting Terror Hottie!

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