Hot Actress #473 – Carly Craig: Rising Starlet

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OK i must admit I fell for the tempting CARLY CRAIG as so many have done around the world. I’ve also heard that she’s outdone Ben Stiller in the raucous comedy “Hall Pass” by being the worst date ever and of course being part of the signature Farrelly Brothers lewd toilet humor. More and more she’s looking like the foxy muse of the Farrellys and her ability to marry comedy, sexiness and even music have left us in stitches. Carly is noted for her comic timing as in the film “Role Models” and the Youtube song “I’d Rather Be Naked…Good Deeds” which many are calling to be un-mosiac…hehe. Seeing her all dolled up as a bombshell complete with her Louboutins for Vanity Fair during my casual bookstore stroll recently also probably sealed the deal for me. I’ve always held a strong fascination for pin-up gals as they seem to be in the throes of carefree joviality. One can sense CARLY is a bundle of fun and she’s been writing a lot of great material for the many sketches she’s in. Her Maxim Photoshoot for Funny To Die (above) is so hilarious especially with a re-enactment of Carly in her lingerie humping a make-believe Owen Wilson!

Her Wiki Page is seriously bare but come 2011 it won’t be anymore. One of the sexiest comedienne in town, we cannot help ourselves if we are transfixed by the sassiness in her. Be it a Hall Pass, Stage Pass Or Making A Pass just to catch sight of her, CARLY CRAIG has endeared herself to moviegoers in their droves…:)

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