Hot Actress #475 – Noureen DeWulf: Sex Bomb

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Even in a modest sari as love interest Vimi in a recent episode of “Outsourced”, it is impossible to ignore the sensuality of NOUREEN DEWULF. The Indian-American Goddess has been the object of affection in various films and television shows, ensuring her status as one of the most desirable women in the world. Maxim magazine readers seem to think so and it might be linked to the photoshoot where NOUREEN teases us with a peek-a-boo of her perfect boobs…:) On the red carpet, her cleavage-friendly outfits have elevated her to the pantheons of most alluring performers. I myself can’t forget her girl-on-girl fisticuffs with Yvonne Strahovski in the yoghurt shop from hit series “Chuck”. Two women rolling around and engaging in sweaty hostilities is pretty hard to resist! NOUREEN has been successful in gelling the minx we we know she is with a wealth of comic timing as seen in the majority of her projects.

On the horizon, she plays against type by adorning a burkha (veil) throughout the socio-political indie “The Taqwacores” which debuted at Sundance and is set for a theatrical release. It’s not often that a perennial Sex Symbol covers up entirely in a film but NOUREEN demonstrates that she can be versatile in the more ‘serious’ fare. Even as we speak, NOUREEN mania may be proliferating from the shores of LA to the expanses of India and beyond. She’s currently sizzling up TV world alongside Bad Boy Charlie Sheen in “Anger Management”

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