Hot Actress #476 – Jessie Ward: Sizzling Cutie

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With this feature on JESSIE WARD today, I’ve finally completed the trio of beauties that caught my eye in the independent thriller “Godspeed”. I started off rating indie princesses Courtney Halverson and Lynn Freedman highly in my previous posts leading me to now praise the very comely JESSIE WARD. She played a wife who is brutally murdered around the time her husband is having an affair and even though she was limited to the first half-hour of the movie, she’s always a treat to watch. First and foremost, this American Beauty is a sweetheart and judging from her collection of headshots, there’s a flourishing sultriness in that tight body. If you’re keen, make sure you drop by the JESSIE WARD OFFICIAL SITE for more hot stuff. Actually it was during the gorno phase of my life that I began noticing JESSIE especially after her intensely gory scene in “Rest Stop: Don’t Look Back”. The first “Rest Stop” had a strong female lead in Jaimie Alexander and I’m glad that JESSIE became the central focus of the sequel, even if that meant enduring some heinous torture…the sound of flesh being bored into by a drill is bone-chilling!

Secretly, I think we are fascinated with tormented women in terrifying movies as we imagined ourselves as the one that saves these lovely damsels in distress. But are our intentions really that noble? Could it be we’re hoping for something more after rescuing them gals from the clutches of evil! All that aside, JESSIE WARD is heavenly with enough yummy attributes to stoked our intial attraction and maintain our eternal interest.

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