Hot Actress #477 – Tara Darby: Sexy Siren

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As you will have known, I’m in a foul mood due to my Youtube account being ridiculously terminated yet I soldier on because I know there are so many awesome women out there who will pull me through this setback. What better way than to throw the spotlight on Miss Alabama 2004 TARA DARBY, who most certainly brightens up this sometimes ugly online world and even uglier world events such as war, corruption and natural disasters. Besides being a stunning lady, I adore the entrepreneur in her, as she and fellow hottie Miss Massachusetts 2005 Cristina Nardozzi started Sashes and Crowns, a professional service for pageantry and modeling. I’m also starting my very own movement, so TARA’s beauty drive to empower women to achieve success in entertainment via Sashes and Crowns is to be applauded and recognized. So glad that not only did I get to connect with TARA on Facebook, I also managed to see her in “Frat Party” and the best part is yet to come, with her having a lead role in the horror flick “The Forest” come April. Spooky Japanese Suicide Forest, The Ring-like apparitions and of course Tara sizzling the film up means only 1 thing….A Must Watch especially since it’s my Birthday Month too!

Check out the TARA DARBY OFFICIAL SITE and get all the inside news on this statuesque honey. She’s remarkably delectable in a bikini and seriously a contender for Beach Babe in the Summer of 2011. Don’t forget her bubbly smile that surely warms any heart. It’s no wonder we are fascinated with Beauty Queens till today, as TARA has proven her worth as a multi-faceted entertainer prospering in a myriad of disciplines as a model, actress, host and beauty advisor.

2 thoughts on “Hot Actress #477 – Tara Darby: Sexy Siren

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve been a fan since I saw her on “Fear Factor” a few years ago – in an episode featuring several other Miss USA beauties. Couldn’t help but note her Southern class and that she wouldn’t take any crap from the show’s obnoxious host. Beauty, strengh (I seem to remember her winning “Factor”) – and can she fill out a bikini or WHAT?

    1. She is deserving of all the praises…makes me think i should do an article on beauty queens in the near future…:) It’s all about the Southern Comfort!

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